Saint Michael Catholic High School
8699 McLeod Road
Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6S5
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Welcome to Saint Michael Catholic High School, the home of the Mustangs. We encourage you to explore our website to gain an understanding of our school community. Please see below for our weekly agenda as you click for day-by-day activities or explore our school via the categories that shape us: Mind, Body and Spirit. Thanks for visiting and please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.   

MUSTANG SOUND! 60's Music & Vibe! An event you won't want to miss. Contact the school for tickets to this amazing trip back in time!

Good Luck to our Gymnastics Team competing at OFSAA

Girl's OFSAA Soccer! Your very own Saint Michael will be 2016 hosts. Stay tuned for details

Community Service Hours are your opportunity to give back to the community that gives to you. For more information, contact Jolene, our school Chaplain.

  • Monday, April 25th
    OFSAA Girl's Gymnastics
    Secondary Staff Meeting
    Mustang Sound Concert
    Grade 6 Transition retreat
    Zone Badminton
    Collaborative Inquiry
    Credit Rescue Meeting
    Coed Lacrosse Games
  • Tuesday, April 26th
    OFSAA Girl's Gymnastics
    Board Interviews
    Mustang Sound Concert
    Mustang Sound 60's Music & Vibe, 7:00 p.m.
    Jr. Soccer Tournament
    Math Subject Council
    Sr. Boy's Soccer Game, AN Myer vs STM
  • Wednesday, April 27th
    Mustang Sound Concert
    New York City Trip
    Festival of Faith
    Pastoral Out of Uniform
    Training for SHSM
    Catch the Spirit Awards Committee Mtg.
  • Thursday, April 28th
    New York City Trip
    Arts Curriculum Council
    Feeder School Choir Practice
    Team Meeting, 8:00 – 11:00, Bethesda
    Blessed Trinity Special Education Event
    Elementary Basketball
    Secondary Library Council
    FSL/International Languages Subject Council
    Religion Secondary Program Council
    Rugby Tournament
  • Friday, April 29th
    Regular Out of Uniform
    Adopt Your Parish Retreat
    New York City Trip, all day,
    Arbor Day Tree Planting
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