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Special Education

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Special Education Class at Hallloween Event

Saint Michael Special Education Department

The Special Education Department’s main purpose is to support students who require an IEP (Individual Education Plan).  These students have been placed on an IEP after discussions with teachers, parents and students to ensure that a student can access curriculum. Decisions are based upon consultation with board and school staff, a review of assessment data and in class performance. The model for Special Education in Niagara Catholic is one of “inclusion” where we work to support students in their regular classes.

Saint Michael Catholic High School has one Special Education Class and a Resource Centre. Our Special Education Class is designed to support students who typically spend most of their day in regular classrooms when they are not working towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, but rather focus on life skills, daily living, remedial literacy/numeracy, social skills and potential work placement skills.

Our Resource Centre is staffed with Educational Resource teachers who work with classroom teachers to support students earning a Certificate of Education or Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Our Resource Teachers also runs a peer helping course for students who want to work on their leadership skills in assisting their peers. This is an excellent course for students interested in the post secondary fields of education, health care or child/youth work.

Parents of children who are on an IEP are encouraged to contact a departmental teacher with any questions or concerns at any point throughout the school year.


Comparison Chart Between Special Education Class and Resource Centre Support






Resource Teachers


·           IPRC’d or IEP’d students working towards an OSSD or OSSC (14 credit Certificate of Education)


·           Students require accommodations  to access curriculum


·           ERT’s work with classroom teachers to  provide monitoring and support


·           Support could be student initiated or teacher initiated.  Students can go to resource for assistance when needed. 


·           Some students may require a reduced timetable (1 period of resource withdrawal to be successful)


·           Students may be supported  by EA’s and/or Peer Helpers


·           Co-Op/”Supported” work experiences are encouraged










Special Education



·           IPRC’d students working towards a Certificate of Accomplishment or an OSSC (14 credit Certificate of Education)


·           Extensive modifications to curriculum expectations are required and are usually not credit bearing


·           Student timetables usually include 1-3 periods in regular classes and 1-2 periods of withdrawal


·           Students are often supported by EA’s and/or Peer Helpers


·           Focus on alternative expectations in the areas of life skills, remedial academics, daily living  and social skills (K-courses)


·           Students often require fine and/or gross motor programming as directed by an Occupational or Physiotherapist


·           “Supported” work placements are encouraged


·           Regular “community outings” and board Special Education events are attended







Special Education Department Teachers

Mr. Mark Casburn              Program Chair/Educational Resource Teacher     905 356 5155 ext. 2310

Mr. Vince Baldassaro        Educational Resource Teacher                               905 356 5155 ext. 2311

Mr. Robert Casucci           Special Education Class Teacher                            905 356 5155 ext.  2312


Special Education Forms and Brochures

Niagara Catholic Parent Guide to IPRC (attached as a separate file)

Niagara Catholic Special Education Program, Services and Personnel Guide (attached as a separate file)

Niagara Catholic Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Guide (attached as a separate file)

2011 SEAC PowerPoint (original file on present school website) (attached as a separate file)


Community Agencies and Supports



Contact Information

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centre


Comprehensive out-patient day treatment services for individuals and their families. Primary goal is to assist clients, through education, support, and therapeutic relationships, to attain a healthy lifestyle.





Association for Bright Children of Ontario

An all-volunteer support and advocacy group dedicated to providing information and supports to parents of bright and gifted children and adolescents.



Autism Ontario Niagara Region Chapter

Dedicated to increasing public awareness about autism and the day to day issues faced by individuals with autism, their families  and professionals with whom they interact.




Bereavement Resource Council of Niagara


Co-ordinates the services provided in the Niagara peninsula for the support and guidance of those dealing with the pain of grief and loss.





Community organization that provides a wide range of supports and needs to individuals in our area who have special needs, particularly individuals who have developmental, autism or behavioural needs.


905-684-6918 or through Contact Niagara Referral

Brock University Services for Students with Disabilities

Provides services and supports to students

with a documented disability. Works to develop an equitable and accessible environment so that students with disabilities are fully included in the university experience.


905-688-5550 x3240 or x5484


Canadian Mental Health Association


Counseling service rehabilitative programs, housing program and support groups.




Connex Ontario Health Services

Provincially funded organization that provides free and confidential health services for people experiencing problems with alcohol and drugs, mental illness or gambling.

Drug/Alcohol Help line



Mental Health Helpline


Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline


Contact Niagara

Your connection to information and services for children experiencing emotional and/or behavioural difficulties and people of all ages who have a developmental disability.





Developmental Services Ontario (Hamilton-Niagara)

Main organization responsible for providing information and services for adults with developmental disabilities.




Down Syndrome Caring Parents Niagara

Group of concerned parents and family members of children who have Down Syndrome. Member of SEAC.


(905) 646-0225:


Family and Children’s Services (FACS)


Local Children’s Aid Society, mandated to investigate the abuse and neglect of children and to provide protection, foster care and adoption services.



Family Counseling Centre Niagara


Counseling to individuals, couples, and families with problems contributing to marital or family difficulties. Walk-in clinic provides single session therapy. Ideally suited to teens or individuals seeking confidential counseling.



905-937-7731 X3345


Going to College

Website designed to provide information for students with a disability as they go to college.


Hannah House


Provides a safe passage for adolescent moms and their babies, facilitating transition and equipping them from adolescence to adulthood.





Job Gym

Connects job seekers and employers in Niagara. Offer seminars, skills training, certifications and job search expertise for all ages at no cost.




John Howard Society of Niagara

Organization that provides programs in adult and youth corrections, employment services, and prevention programs for children.





Kids Help Phone


Provides toll-free, 24 hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling to young people in Canada.


Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara

Community-based agency that works with school boards and other agencies to improve services and supports for persons with learning disabilities.



National Educational Association of Disabled Students

Useful website for all secondary students that use Assistive Technology. It will direct them to the AT staff at post-secondary level.



Niagara College Centre for Students With Disabilities

Centre for students with visible and non visible disabilities.


905-735-2211 x7602

Niagara Health System

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders in youth and their families.

905.378.4647 X53803/53804

Central Intake: X46573

Niagara Region Health Bus


Health Clinic on wheels. You do not need a health card – free service.

See location schedule at:


905.688.8248 X7512



Niagara Regional Native Centre


Provides human services, social, cultural, recreational and educational programs to all Native people.





Niagara Region Public Health (Community Mental Health Program

Provides assessment, case management and counseling for persons 16 years and older experiencing mental health problems.



905-688-2854 X7262


Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre


Provides services in a safe and comfortable environment for survivors of child sexual abuse, incest and adult sexual assault.



24-Hour Crisis: 905.682.4584

Niagara Region Sexual Health Centre

Offers testing, treatment, sexual health assessment and follow-up by a physician or nurse practitioner.




Niagara Support Services

Non profit organization with the mandate of providing services for people with a developmental disability.


1-905-384-1172 or through Contact Niagara Referral

Niagara Training and Employment Agency

Non profit organization that empowers people with special needs to participate more fully in community life.


905-384-9491 or through Contact Niagara Referral


Nightlight Youth Shelter


Emergency Shelter helps at risk youth. Provides crisis and supportive counseling.




Northern Lights Canada

Provide, people with disabilities, beneficial activities to assist individuals in securing employment or acquiring learning skills.




Ontario Disability Support Program

Helps people with disabilities to get and keep jobs, and helps people with disabilities who are already employed to overcome job crisis situations.



Ontario March of Dimes-Employment Services

Help people with disabilities achieve greater independence by providing job training and finding them employment.



Pathstone Mental Health

Primary provider of children’s mental health treatment in Niagara. Offer a broad spectrum of treatment services and programs serving all children and youth from birth to their eighteenth birthday. All request for service, except for Fee-for- Service Program made through Contact Niagara.


Crisis Services 1-800-263-4944 (24/7)





Project Advance Held At York University

6 week summer institute which prepares students specific learning disabilities success in their university studies at any institution.


416-736-2100 x66011

QUEST Community Health Centre


Non profit organization offering Health care and social service to residents of St. Catharines area without a family physician.





Youth Centre providing emotional support. Advice, companionship, crisis intervention, emergency shelter and referrals to community services.




Red Roof Retreat

Red Roof Retreat provides quality recreational, educational and respite services to children, youth and young adults with special needs and their families.



Start Me Up Niagara-Employment

Through ODSP, work with individuals with individuals to find employment.



Stop Family Violence

“Made in Niagara” Education and Prevention plan to address the issue of Family Violence in our Community. Contains all relevant help numbers and contacts.



Tourette Syndrome Association of Ontario

Supports TS sufferers and their families with the day to day issues surrounding this medical disorder.




Charitable organization that supports families of children who are deaf/hard of hearing.




Women’s Place


Safe shelter, 24 hour Crisis Lines, Safety Plans, Counseling/Support, Child and Youth Program.






Provides safe, supportive housing and programs, creating opportunity for all women to reach their full potential.